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14 October 2015

New control tower begins operating at Sabadell Airport

Rising to a height of 29 metres, the new tower boasts modernised air navigation systems. The project required a total investment of 4.62 million euros

Sabadell Airport has begun using its new 29-metre high Control Tower, which is equipped with modernised air navigation systems as well as improved facilities. The tower began operating on Tuesday, 6 October.

The tower, which is as tall as a nine-storey building, forms part of the new terminal area at the airport, where a total area of 790m2 has been allocated to air traffic control services. Within this space, the tower comprises part of the new terminal building and the surrounding area used for hangar facilities, an Aeronautical Museum and vehicle parking.

Construction and outfitting of the new tower required an investment from AENA of 4.62 million euros.

New equipment and systems

Launch of operations at the tower required the installation and activation of various communication equipment and systems under the supervision of ENAIRE professionals in collaboration with control professionals from the air traffic control service company, FerroNATS.

Aena TV was in Sabadell aerodrome to make a report of the operation in the new tower, and the cessation of the activity in the older one.

You can watch the video here.

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