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31 May 2017

FerroNATS attends safety workshop organised by Eurocontrol in Bucharest

Ana Torres, air traffic controller and Head of Operational Safety, attended the event that analysed the transition taking place worldwide towards Business Intelligence.

At the end of April, Ana Torres, air traffic controller and Head of Operational Safety for FerroNATS, attended the working group entitled ‘NM Safety Management Tools’ organised by Eurocontrol at the central offices of ROMATSA (Romanian Air Traffic Services Administration) in Bucharest. The event sought to share the experience of each service provider and study the transition taking place around the world towards the use of methods based on Business Intelligence.

Three tools developed by the European body for analysing operational safety in aviation were presented and examined at the event: ASMT (Automatic Safety Monitoring Tool), TOKAI (Tool Kit for ATM Occurrence Investigation) and APF (Aerospace Performance Indicator).

The meeting was attended by representatives from various air navigation service providers from several European countries and real cases were presented to demonstrate how these tools are being used to positive effect.

In this regard, it should be noted that FerroNATS stands at the cutting edge in the use of TOKAI because it worked with Eurocontrol when the tool was still in development. Hence, the FerroNATS team was able to contribute to the definition of many aspects of this tool and became one of the first suppliers to implement it. In terms of APF, this is a new instrument and FerroNATS is currently working with Eurocontrol to begin using the tool. It is a new internal project aimed at determining the level of operational safety at the various units within the company.

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